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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Remembering Who You Are, Lucky 13

skot and me

Scott SanGiacomo Two come to mind right off the bat...1. late 80's( I think) you arguing religion with my neighbor, I believe he was in grad school at the time and you took him to the mat! 2. The other involves a Beatles classic and 50+ boy scouts ; ) July 17 at 3:31pm

I have known Scott for 28 years. We met in the 5th grade, when his elementary school was closed and condensed into mine. And over the course of those 28 years, we have alternately been really good friends, and have also drifted away from each other. At this point, we've come to the conclusion that we are inextricably linked in each other's lives, and we love this fact.

Both of these events, I remember as well. His neighbor, Lee, used to love to talk to us. I would walk up to Scott's house when we were in junior high, and later in high school, drive up there, and we would stand in the street and talk. Scott was, and is, quirky and artistic and soft-spoken and an amazing drummer, and I am loud, and opinionated, and really smart, and, as Scott once described someone "who would talk to a tree if you thought it would talk back". So, Lee and Scott and I were often engaged in massive gab sessions. We may have been discussing the existence of God during this conversation, and I think I was attempting to prove this as fact. It was glorious. Scott to this day will sometimes just wind me up and let me go in the right circumstance. The Beatles and Boy Scouts incident, well, let's just say singing Helter Skelter wasn't the first mistake we made that night; possible making me the lead singer of his band was. Our one and only gig with me at the mic, and we sang Helter Skelter, Hey Joe, New Sensation, and Sunshine of Your Love. I know we rehearsed Whole Lotta Love, but a girl singing about squeezing my lemon until the juice runs down my leg was even LESS believable than where I may have been going with that gun in my hand. I also remember I was getting a cold, and Scott's mother feeding me copious amounts of tea so I could sing.

Scott is another book of memories. Half of the items in the blurb under my high school year book picture involve him. He taught me how to steer out of a spin on snowy roads in my mother's station wagon. We've been to dozens of concerts together. The first time I ever got REALLY drunk and puked my brains out was in his basement one New Year's Eve. And over the last few years particularly, he has become one of my biggest champions. He held signs for me when I was campaigning for school committee; his parents had one on their lawn; his children like being with me. I rewrote my profile on a dating site based on how I thought Scott would describe me to a potential date, and I met J. Seriously. He was the first person to buy a ticket to Dancing With The Norwood Stars, and he was the first person to find out when I broke up with Dale, and he helped me through that first day, while simultaneously being one of Brian's groomsmen.

I really can't imagine how much less fun my life would be without Scott's presence. 28 years is a long time to travel with someone, and I don't know if I could ever put into words how much it's meant to me that he's been here all this time. Simply put, he is one of my favorite people in the whole world, and I'm so grateful that we've grown into adults together, and still like each other as much as we did in elementary school. We may even like each other MORE now. Scott, thank you, for the years and years of memories you and I have shared. Here's to years and years of more. Be well... and never play Helter Skelter to a bunch of Boy Scouts. Without me. :)

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