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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Friday Night's Alright

I know, I cheated with the date on that last post. Although, my partner in crime on my other site could prove to you that the idea did actually occur to me during the day on Friday; I just never got the chance to write it in this space. Maybe I should set up that mobile blogging thing so that the next time I text a good idea to a friend, it actually makes it here, too?

At any rate, it has been an insufferably long week, tempered by a really nice evening in Cambridge yesterday. The annoyances have not been limited to my summer job; they are being compounded by the fact that three people from my new district emailed me yesterday--including the HR department, which, you know, is kind of important, as I'd actually like to be paid--and I can't respond to ANY of them as their Barracuda Firewall keeps bouncing my gmail address as junk. And, since I only have one email address, this is a more than mildly frustrating problem.

And I realize that my self-editing that began when I was campaigning this spring has continued. I'm sorry for that, as there is a lot going on these days, most of which I've shared. I will tell you that at some point this summer, I will have a really interesting story to tell about an unusual anniversary I'm going to have this coming August. I'm just trying to decide if I want to save the post for the actual day or write it earlier.

I have things to write about, truly. But in my quest to be more social at the scoring institute, and the fact that I'm drained when I get home in the evenings, I haven't left myself much time to write these days. I need to be a little more vigilant about making space in my day to write, and not just silly one-offs about ice cream.

Enjoy your Saturday everyone. It's a beautiful day here.



Blogger yellojkt said...

I missed about four days while on vacation. but I'm not sweating it because I am way more than one post a day on average.

11:10 PM  

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