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Saturday, August 23, 2008


So, for a variety of reasons, I'm delaying the new computer purchase until later this fall. However, my contract money from my summer work arrived today, and let's just say, I went shopping.

Dress pants, black pencil skirt, several sweaters, t-shirts and tank tops, and a totally impractical dressy tank top that if I were going on a date anytime soon, this would rock. Socks, underwear, new bras (ah, weight loss...), jeans, a birthday present for Cat, two baby gifts, the Watchmen graphic novel and some cd's. Wine, a Hold Steady ticket, tequilla, cleanser from the Body Shop, a scarf, a cute handbag, and a refill for my day planner at Coach.

Whew. I haven't even thought about shoes yet...

It is a rare occasion when I get to splurge like this. I've been living with every cent documented for a while now, so this feels totally decadent. I enjoyed this immensely.

P.S. I also managed to get a pedicure today without requiring stitches. Good times, good times.

P.P.S There's still money left, too.

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Blogger yellojkt said...

Good old retail therapy.

2:09 AM  
Anonymous APN said...

Your top 3 purchases (from where I sit in Texas):

1) the black pencil skirt
2) Watchmen graphic novel
3) The Hold Steady ticket

Retail therapy indeed....

1:37 PM  

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