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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Catching Up

self portrait, Scusset beach, originally uploaded by crau1971.

I couldn't believe that August 1 was the first time I'd been to the beach all summer; it's been a busy one for me. I also realized that I let my blog anniversary go by without so much as a whisper. Four years, and you're still opening this page and reading my twisted musings. You all continue to impress and amaze me with your online (and, for some of you, offline as well) friendship and loyalty. Thank you.

I'm caught up on my 52 weeks set on flickr. I've got a post up over at my other spot. And, I'm still here, everyday. Thanks for tuning in. Come back soon.


Blogger yellojkt said...

Four years is a long time. I'm pretty sure I've been following you a lot of that time. Keep on truckin'.

10:26 PM  
Blogger EDW said...

Fours years IS a long time! Congrats! Hey, girlfriend, when are you coming to Jersey? Waiting on you!

9:58 AM  

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