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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Branch Out

This was the random suggestion provided to me today when I opened up Maggie's book for inspiration. The thing is, I branch out quite frequently. Pictures, songs, links to articles, random weird thoughts in my head.

One thing I haven't done in a long time was blog about politics. I have been avoiding the subject, quite frankly. This upcoming political race frightens me to the core. I have never seen the country so deeply polarized, so willing to believe the worst about their non-preferred candidate. But I have to say this: Sarah Palin is dangerous. She's underqualified, and in over her head. She's using arrogance and combativeness to cover up everything she doesn't know. Rather than learn what she needs to, she hides behind the ruse of "this is who I am--a hockey mom from Alaska".

But what scares me most is reasonable Republicans think she's great. You can't go voting with your dicks, guys. Look at her resume. I wouldn't hire her to be principal of a middle school, never mind Vice President. Think before you vote. Better yet, read. With her list of credentials, it won't take long.

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