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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Napping On the Couch

That's what I've decided to do tonight. I'll get some dinner together, at some point. Maybe even take out, I don't know yet. This has been one of the longest, busiest, most challenging weeks of my entire professional life, and I'm exhausted. Some of my normal outlets for venting have not been available to me, and on Friday, when I was hitting my breaking point of frustration, and realizing that I'm still new, and I don't know where my "safe spots" in my new building are, it was everything I could do from breaking down. And, I wasn't completely successful, either.

I can't wait until Monday, when we get paid. And then, I will be looking forward to Friday again, as I'm taking a long weekend and going to New Jersey to visit EDW and celebrate her birthday. I'll see Tova and Andy and little Jesse, too. We have a staff outing on Tuesday, canoeing on the Charles River. This is a new concept for me.

I guess my only question now is, pizza or Chinese?

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Blogger EDW said...

I am so glad this week is over, and so glad you are coming on Friday!

10:00 PM  

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