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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Putting This Out There For Consideration

Republicans, feeling overly confident in their milfy-librarian choice for Vice Presidential nominee, are slinging mud at the Obama campaign for their choice of Washington "insider", Senator Joe Biden. And, at first blush, sure. For a campaign so hell-bent on the mantra of "change", not only for the American public, but for the way Washington operates, it seems a little snug.

Unless, you look at it this way.

Think about an outsider, with no "institutional memory", coming into an established organization with the goal of making changes to how that organization operates. Hard line resistance and the closing of ranks follows, poor alliances are chosen, and the changes become twice as hard to enact. However, thinking of a concept of "promoting from within", you begin the necessary large scale changes with someone who knows where the bodies are buried, so to speak. Knows who to massage, and how, and when. Knows who can motivate skeptics and non-believers into adopting new systems. Biden certainly knows where the Senate bodies are buried.

Just some food for thought. Politics, as we all know, loves a good spin.

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