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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Somewhat Sad I Will Never Be A Jersey Girl

When you spend time in the part of Jersey I spent Friday and Saturday in, and with the person I spent it with, that will make complete sense to you.

The Jersey shore ROCKS. Liz ROCKS. Her friends ROCK. The Dublin House in Red Bank has the hottest bouncer ever, and heating vents outside so you can enjoy the fall air AND a Guinness (or 3, whichever)AND the hot bouncer. I had red wine sauerkraut that rivaled the sauerkraut I was served years ago, that I still think about. I was eating it off of other people's plates; it was that good.

I saw Madame Marie's, the Stone Pony, the Pavillion on the beach, Jon's house, Bruce's house, incredible waves, Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash, and the Quik Stop. Pictures forthcoming. I didn't see any of the people associated with these places, but it didn't matter.

I'm already trying to think about when I can come down next, if that's ok with Liz and Nick (haha!). Thank you, Liz, for being such a wonderful hostess, and driving me all over Red Bank and Asbury and Sandy Hook. I should have bought the skull bag in Funk and Proctor's. Tell 6'5" Greg I said hi.

Girlfriends exist for many reasons, and this weekend was one of them. Happy Birthday, Liz. Hope to see you again soon.

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