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Monday, May 18, 2009

Right to Life Does Not End At Conception, Either

With mortarboard in hand, Robert Kessler, 22, a graduating senior, wandered among the protesters and shook his head. “Some of these pictures are grotesque, and I don’t want them to be part of my graduation,” Mr. Kessler said. “If these groups wanted to make a difference, they could have better used their money on homes for unwed mothers.” (source)

That last sentence sums up my feelings about the anti-abortion movement perfectly. And let's be perfectly clear, I make a very strong distinction between the terms "pro-life" and "anti-abortion". In my opinion, the "pro-life" followers are much more consistent and have a broader view of these moral-political issues that circulate in the world, and act accordingly. Yes, they may have conservative religious beliefs, but they actually are real campaigners for social justice in their belief that ALL lives are sacred, whether it be from the moment of conception or the moments before execution on death row. Pro-life activists are just as likely to be seen outside of prisons as clinics, working in shelters and transitional housing, and opening their homes. Prayerful reflection and action. I can respect this, and can respectfully disagree in conversations with these people without being called a baby killer.

Anti-abortion activists, on the other hand, only see that one issue. And, if you are someone who believes that this decision should be a CHOICE, a deeply emotional, traumatic, and ultimately PERSONAL CHOICE, you're labeled a baby killer. You are verbally excoriated, shown graphic pictures that show no respect to the life that was lost, and make the situation 100 times worse with the venom and hatred and singular point of view. Let me also be clear; I know NO ONE who is "pro-abortion". I've never met a single human being who has promulgated the, "let's go out and abort all unborn babies in the name of social progress." It just doesn't happen. Pro-choice activists, in my view, are just that--campaigning for this action to remain a CHOICE. And yes, women make it, and yes, many women don't, and if I were ever faced with the issue, I'm not sure I'd make the choice to abort. But, I know I'd rather live in a country where I'm allowed to make that choice.

So, when I read about people calling the President of the United States a "baby killer" and insinuating he's not worthy of an honorary degree from a prestigious college--and mind you, he has already EARNED a degree from a university MUCH more prestigious than the University of Notre Dame--it just makes me really annoyed. Far less worthy people have received honorary degrees at college commencements over the years, with much less fanfare. And I think about Robert Kessler, who I quoted above, and how his graduation ceremonies were marred by this, and cynically think, "where is the respect for these lives, LIVED and viable, and worthy of being celebrated?" And I particularly am taken by his final sentence: “If these groups wanted to make a difference, they could have better used their money on homes for unwed mothers.” Help out. REALLY respect an individual's right to LIFE. Not just to EXIST, but to LIVE.

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Blogger captain assclown said...

being that I personally do not own or use a vagina, I have absolutely no real say in whether a woman should choose to do with her uterus what she will....and at the end of the day, being that I DO NOT have a uterus or the capability for creating anything other than poo...I firmly believe in a woman's right to choose.

I agree with that young man's comment wholeheartedly. Also, doesn't this country have bigger problems to chew on than whether our president "kills babies".Sorry, about your job, Barry, and selling your home and losing your savings in the recent economic crisis. You know, Steve, what concerns me more is, Does Obama kill unborn babies?

And that is why America is going down the crapper.

7:20 PM  
Blogger yellojkt said...

You tell them, courtney.

11:03 PM  

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