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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Girls With The Stars In Their Eyes

One of the parts of last Friday night that took it from simple fun to magical was the after party at my house. The dancing event was glorious, and afterward, my friends and I went out for drinks, and my new friend James met up with us at that bar. People faded away slowly, until it was James, Liz and I at the bar, the lights being turned off around us. And then, the three of us were back in my living room, with different drinks, and music on, and we were dancing. Well, Liz and I were dancing; James was playing DJ with his iPhone and taking pictures with my camera. I suppose you never actually STOP being a photographer; you just don't always do it professionally.

Even well into my 30s, there is something magical about seeing a sunrise take you by surprise. Where did the hours actually go? And what kind of magic further happens between the people with whom you share that moment? I remember small details, dancing, words whispered in my ear, pictures being taken that later took me by surprise, mostly because I didn't expect to be the subject. Part of it certainly was that feeling of being younger than we are, back to that powerful feeling of being the everything in that room, at that moment. Dancing to truly awful songs at 5 in the morning--can we talk about Tiffany being a 4-star choice on your iPhone, J?--with no regret, no holding back. There was only the three of us in the whole world, us and a soundtrack and an ever-lightening sky.

I cannot remember a single song we ACTUALLY danced to that night, save the Tiffany, but two keep wafting through my head. The Hooters, of all bands, but we danced like a wave on the ocean romance, and it works as a soundtrack to that sequence in the movie of my life. And The Gaslight Anthem, because we came to dance with the girls with the stars in their eyes, I came to BE the girl with the stars in her eyes, as well as the sun.

We Came To Dance - The Gaslight Anthem

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