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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Home Sweet Home

My living room, at this time on sunny, breezy mornings, might just be my favorite place on Earth. There's a few of you readers who have been privileged enough to witness this, and, wouldn't you agree? The windows are south facing, and three out of four are unblocked by trees or buildings. The one on the side of the house faces a row of young maple trees on the border of the property.

In the morning, the sun begins rising from the east, and the light filters through the leaves of those saplings, turning them that lovely golden-green in some places, and deepening the color in others. The faces of the houses across the street are illuminated by this morning light, and the sky always seems to be a brilliant, brilliant blue. Traffic is never an issue on my side street at this time, and there are just enough houses in between mine and the main road to filter that noise away. So, it's often very quiet, only the breeze and the rare footfalls of an occasional pedestrian heading up the road to the bus stop. Sometimes, Mrs. Kelly will be out walking her little dog.

But, I can sit on my couch, coffee at my side, and feel the breeze softly waft from behind the drapes, and watch the sunlight grow ever brighter and cast funky patterns through the leaves of the maples, and feel like this house is situated somewhere way more enticing and relaxing than South Norwood. Sometimes, I'll step out onto my small front porch to grab the paper on Sunday, and it reminds me of summer mornings on Cape Cod. It has that same freshness.

Those of you who talked to me frequently during the dissolution of my last relationship will remember how much I lamented about potentially losing this apartment, and how I would not give it up to him. Don't you understand that a little better now?

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