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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Remembering Who You Are, Part 10

The first totally internet friend.

Yellojkt Yellojkt: Listening to all the great Ani Difranco songs you post. July 15 at 11:15pm

I have never met Yellojkt, but I've been reading his blog for some years now. He's an interesting writer, and I always enjoy his posts. And apparently, he's an Ani DiFranco fan, among other great female artists. So, I find it interesting that he's chiming in here, and even more interesting that Ani's been attached to me in his brain. So, thank you, yello, for reading my ramblings all these years, and for being one of my memories, electronic or not. Here's another great Ani song for you.

Marrow - Ani DiFranco

MP3 File



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