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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Remembering Who You Are, Part 8

And so we come to Kate.

Kate Kenney Rosalin Baxter. Weird load. Driving off the highway with u behind the wheel only to be saved by hells angels. Whiskey. Meat house. Oh did you say one :) July 15 at 9:40pm

Each one of these items mentioned is a specific, and utterly hysterical, memory I have involving Kate, my sister Colleen's best friend since the seventh grade. Kate, at this point, isn't so much simply a friend as an honorary sister.

Some brief description on each one, I think, is in order. Rosalin Baxter is the name of a woman that some random drunk was repeating, trying to demand entry into our house while we were in high school. Actually, Kate and my sister may have still been in junior high. Eventually, this man was shooed off by my father, but not before Kate managed to wedge herself under our living room coffee table in an attempt to hide.

The Weird Load was my car through college. Held together by bumper stickers and chewing gum.

Driving off the highway was significantly less funny. I'm not proud of the fact I almost killed her and my then-husband, but I fell asleep at the wheel after being up all night fighting with Kevin, and then drove Kevin and Kate home from Cape Cod the next afternoon. I managed not to flip us, and although they weren't Hell's Angels, they were two bikers, who pulled over, made sure we and the car were ok, and then told us to get the hell out of there before the cops arrived. Sage advice.

Whiskey is self explanatory. The Meat House is a joke between the two of us from this past 4th of July, where we hung out, just she and I, for the first time, and laughed our asses off all night at the name of that butcher shop.

The list of memories, funny, touching, sad, insane, that involve Kate could be a book. Maybe a book I should write. But in all honesty, her presence in our family's life has simply made it richer.

Thanks, Kate, for being a central figure in so many of my memories, and so much of my life. I love you, sistah!!!

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