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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday In The Afternoon, What Have You Got To Lose?

It would be completely remiss of me if I did not make SOME mention of the fact that this is the 40th anniversary of Woodstock. August 15-17, 1969. I don't know any adults who can claim to have been at the original; I do know that my mother and her friends were on their way to the festival, when reports of the traffic jams started coming through on the radio, and they turned around and came home. So Mom was "almost" at Woodstock.

That festival has always loomed large over my (and many of my friends') musical consciousnesses. We all know of the attempts to recreate the festival on the 25th and 30th anniversaries. I guess it just continues with the theme I've had this past week, of some times and memories being golden, and only happening once in a lifetime, and when they're gone, they're gone.

So, I give you a few reminisces of those muddy, rainy, tripped out days in '69.

Richie Havens

Joe Cocker

Jimi Hendrix

Suite: Judy Blue-Eyes - Crosby, Stills, and Nash

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Blogger MJ said...

Yesterday was also the 32nd anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley, too.

6:16 AM  

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