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Friday, September 04, 2009

"I Am, Shocked, SHOCKED, to find out that GAMBLING is going on in this club..."

I have a question for the Honorable Mr. Greer from Florida. How do you suppose encouraging parents to boycott the President's speech to the students of this nation on Tuesday falls in line in ANY WAY with teaching them to honor the office of the President? I'm just making sure I have your logic straight in my head. I also want to make sure that the policies of setting personal goals, working hard, and staying in school are, in fact, liberal propoganda, so that I make sure that the children of the right wing NEVER, EVER plan to adhere to any of those tenets at all.

Please, conservative right-wing politicos, make sure your children, your future reject these abhorrent pieces of "socialist ideology" in their day to day life. Because HEAVEN FORBID, the leader of our country encourage its youth to work hard. DEAR GOD, what is he thinking, praising children for staying in school and learning? Because the good Lord only knows what would happen if children started taking a "shared responsibility" for their learning and their goals, and if parents renewed their commitment to ensuring their children receive the best education possible.

Madness. Pure madness. Why, that might make parents praise public schools, make students happy and engaged in their learning, able to form rational arguments and debate issues without hysteria. And I mean, teenagers with standards and goals for achievement? Plagues of locusts will surely follow this. I mean, an educated citizenry? Whoooooo, back that baby up, middle America. Certainly that's dangerous to American progress on its national and international goals, an educated citizenry. Crazy talk, I tell you, crazy talk.

Seriously, right wing parents, hunker down. Hide your head in the sand. Where is national unity going to get us? And make sure you teach them now, while they're young and impressionable, that the office of the President should be ridiculed, so that when they're older, and able to vote, they DON'T CARE WHO GETS ELECTED, because you'll have taught them well that the President is just a propoganda whore, and there to be ignored. See how well that works for you in 8 years.

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Blogger trusty getto said...

You have to admit, though, that the Republican party takes a certain pride in promoting ignorance. It's not like this is limited to Obama. This is the party that disfavors sex-ed, free speech in school newspapers, and the very concept of evolution. Substantial numbers of these people think Obama was born outside of the U.S. and want their day in court 'cause they actually think they can prove it.

Par for the course. I'm hoping this is jut one more milestone on the road to permanent minority status.

10:25 AM  
Blogger captain assclown said...

you know, teachers are really subversive communists who mooch off of the federal government and steal medical care. Bastards.

6:10 PM  

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