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Sunday, February 21, 2010

With Love, From William Miller

(Hats off to whomever gets the reference. I know the partner in crime will.) ;)

I've been keeping this under my hat for a bit, as I don't want writing for OANS to conflict with my new duties. But, I've signed on to be a reviewer at My first review was posted today, Spoon's Transference. I was positively giddy seeing my name in the byline on the main review page.

This is a direct link to the article. Please explore the other reviews; there are some great writers there, including my friend from the old Bob Mould BBS, Jason Green, who pointed me in the direction of this gig. So, I dedicate this review to him, for getting my foot in the door, and to MJ, for telling me to buy this album in the first place.

Got Nuffin' - Spoon

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Blogger MJ said...

It's a really good record, so yay that you found it and liked it. Also, did you transfer your review over this new machine that can get a new page every 17 minutes? What will they think of next?

7:31 AM  
Blogger courtney said...

They'll think it's a think piece... ;)

1:22 PM  

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