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Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Future Looks Black and Blue

I'm alive, I swear. My life can be categorized as semi-organized insanity right now. Work is busy, with MCAS and transition planning; it's election season, so every other night, it seems I'm out in the community, being "inappropriate". Oh, right. One of my colleagues on the board called me inappropriate for campaigning at after school functions. You know, where all the people who would vote for School Committee members would be on a random Tuesday. But I digress.

I really just want it to be April 6, as the election will be off of my plate then, and I can focus on the rest of my life. Like planning for Ireland. And my IRS audit (but, looking at the documentation, it's totally my bad, and I'm just going to set up the installment plan and be done with it).

So, a little Murder City Devils to tide you over until I get my head on straight again.

I'll Come Running - Murder City Devils

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