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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fat Bottomed Girls They'll Be Riding Today

So, I went for my first "real" bike ride in many years today. Which, nearly instantly reminded me of why my high school year book is called the "Tiot", meaning land between two hills, and why the first line of our school song sings, "There's a school ON THE HILL called Norwood..." And of course, I live in the valley. Hello legs, it's nice to feel you.

But, it's a gorgeous day to be outside, biking, walking, whatever your fancy. To my friends who are "real" bikers, let me ask you this: would it make more sense for me to build my skill here in the hills of Norwood, or find a bike path somewhere and build endurance that way?

I plan to do this more. Living in the valley makes the initial part of the ride twice as hard, but coasting home is a joy.

Bicycle Race - Queen,

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