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Thursday, May 27, 2010

He Can See The World From Way Up In The Cab

The first time I heard this DBT song was when I watched their Austin City Limits DVD. I fell in love with the story of Patterson's mom and the trucker she fell in love with, and saw the world from way up in his cab. And I cheered with the audience when Patterson sang about Chester driving after nearly dying of congestive heart failure. And I was filled with sheer exuberance and joy, and I thought I'd never feel joy like that from a rock and roll song ever again. This live version of the song makes my heart soar. It is one of the reasons I love this band so.

Hearing that Chester has passed away, for real this time, makes me as sad as if it were someone I knew in life.

Condolences to the Hood family on the loss of their stepfather. Rest in peace, Chester. Hope you're cruisin' in a big rig in the sky.

18 Wheels Of Love (live) - Drive-by Truckers

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