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Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Clouds Started Forming at 5:00 pm

My state is under a tornado watch for most of the evening. This is a really strange occurrence for Eastern Massachusetts; normally, big thunderstorms don't achieve that level of spin out here, but the atmospheric conditions are apparently in the right range for this to occur. Potentially.

I'm sitting in my living room with the lights off. The sunset outside is mixed with big clouds, which are filtering the light in strange ways. Stormy skies always have interesting colors. It's later than you'd think, simply based on the light outside the window, and eerily calm. I love a good thunderstorm as much as anyone, and although I don't actually "wish" a tornado, since I tend to run outside when thunder starts, I can see myself like Helen Hunt in the movie Twister, watching it roll down the street in awe. I do at least know to get to the basement.

I really do love the moods the light that streams into my living room creates in my head.

Tornadoes - The Drive-by Truckers

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