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Saturday, July 03, 2010

First REAL Night In Galway

Table again, originally uploaded by crau1971.

Thursday night doesn't count, still too jet lagged to really appreciate it. So, last night, several of us set up camp in a bar called The Quays. Good mix of locals and tourists, old, dark, outside tables, live band later in the night, lots of football hooligans inside watching the second game yesterday. No idea, just heard lots of shouting, and one of our party, Zack, kept running in to check the score.

Later that evening we were joined by several lads from the North on a stag weekend, and were entertained for several hours. Speaking of hours, there is so much more daylight here in Galway; it stays light in the evenings until close to 10:30. This picture was possibly taken around 9:30.

Fun evening, off to a walking tour of the city in a bit. So, more pictures to come.


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