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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Squint Your Eyes And Look Closer

My life is my adventure. When I remain open to the fact that it is an adventure, I remain open to beautiful, wonderful things.

Not every adventure involves swinging from rafters or death-defying escapades. Sometimes the adventure is simply in the newness of the experience.

I am such a creature of my emotions, and this is ok. I don’t need to control them in all cases. In fact, sometimes letting what I’m feeling flow uninhibited brings great people into my life.

People like me for who I am, full of contradictions and attitudes and aptitudes that belie my professional bio. People who haven’t sung the changes of my life as the decades have come by think I’m pretty damn cool, and nothing like they thought.

I like me for who I am, full of contradictions and attitudes and aptitudes that belie my professional bio... ;)

I still miss you.

There are angels in my life, and they traveled with me, and helped me remind myself during every rainstorm that I cannot let the fact that it is raining deter me from doing something I want to do. This is both a literal and figurative revelation.

I’m not ready for a relationship. Possibly not willing. I would sit and listen to colleagues talk about boyfriends they needed to check in with daily, or define their experiences in terms of what the partner thought, and I realized I liked this reality of being not tethered to someone. I liked that my life was my own, and that the only person defining it is me. I’m not a pretty bird in a cage; I need room to fly. I may not need to fly far all the time, but I need to fly. Until I meet someone that understands that, I’m staying single. I’ve already deleted one dating profile; the second one goes today.

My life is not easy, and my job is not easy, but my job is not my life. Having said that, I love both of those and wouldn’t wish them any different.

Everyone I know challenges me in someway that I need to be challenged, and I missed each and every one of you while I was gone, and I am so glad to be back.

Queen of the World!

Today marks year six of this blog. She almost didn’t make it to this point. I left for Ireland spent and tired and needing a perspective reset. Having to present yourself to total strangers and spend three and a half weeks with yourself will certainly accomplish that reset. I’ve had two people in the last 24 hours, people I consider adventurous in spirit and in life, tell me they were jealous of my adventure, and that spoke volumes to me.

So I think the chronicle will stay, for a while longer. There are more stories in me to tell.Slainte...

For the entire set of Ireland pictures, go here.

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