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Friday, July 02, 2010

Travel Freak-outs And Other Observations

Very Hogwarts, originally uploaded by crau1971.

First of all, Galway is beautiful. Very friendly city. Not necessarily easy to navigate, but I'm getting the hang of it. We've done a lot of walking since our arrival, and between that, and the jet lag, and the "new-ness" of it all, Courtney had her first freak out last night and this morning.

I was always that extra homesick kid; I never did well at sleepovers, and always ended up going home early. I've never quite been able to place why it is this way, but it is. So of course, yesterday, I'm deliriously tired when I arrive, and the bathroom wasn't really clean, and the shower was cold, and I had no snacks or familiar things, and I could not fall asleep for love or money. Weeping, anxious, the whole drill. Yes, I know. I'm nuts.

This morning, the shower would not heat up again. Now, maintenance had shown me how to "boost" the hot water, but that trick wasn't working. At least, it wasn't working immediately. But the water had gone at least from bracing cold to tepid, so, I stood in the tepid shower and cried again, just to get it all out so I could move beyond it and enjoy the trip. So, I went across the street to Dunne's and bought myself two real bath sheets. If I'm going to have to deal with tepid showers, I should at least have a good towel to wrap in after I'm done, right?

And, we're really going to be quite busy. I should read the rest of the packet our lecturer gave us this afternoon because it will inform one of my papers. I need to figure out where to print on campus as well. Tonight, some girls and I are hitting the pubs. Tomorrow, a walking tour of the city, probably more pubs. Sunday, Salthill. I think. Or, if someone has a different idea, I'm open to that, too.

Additionally, our course director is adding lunch lessons in Irish (woo hoo), and knitting. Irish Aran island sweater knitting. Yes, I've signed up for both of them.


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