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Friday, July 30, 2010

You Can't Persuade Him That Black is White

I'll get that translated, originally uploaded by crau1971.

The irony of this is only now becoming clear.

I took this picture the first night I was in Galway, wandering around, looking at shopfronts and pubs and people, and I loved this sign. As the original caption for the photo reads, "I'll get this translated." It's a pun, and a nice one, where Guinness is involved. It's the "can't persuade him" part where the irony comes in for me.

Later in the trip, our group went out to this pub with Donal, and we had a lovely time. One afternoon after class, I was wanting a quick drink before running off to dinner and work on my paper, so I stopped in to this pub, McSwiggans, to have one. While at the pub, I was invited to join a group of three local guys, around my age, who noticed I was writing in a journal at the bar. I made a nice connection with one of them, Andrew. He and I spoke the same language--obsessive knowledge of music and bands--and we talked for a good portion of that afternoon. He drew me a picture in my journal and left me a note as well. "Keep writing, keep doing what you do. Welcome to Galway, Andrew". He asked me to join them at another pub in Eyre Square, but since I already had plans, I said, "I'd love to come, but I already promised my friends I'd meet them, so I have to say no." He hugged me, I said goodbye to everyone else, and we went on our merry ways.

Later on, looking at the picture and the note again, I realized his email was at the bottom of the note, but I couldn't read part of it.

Out with my friends the next night, I bumped into one of the other guys from the bar, and asked him to "translate" what I couldn't read. He did, and I emailed him.

No response.

I couldn't persuade him, I guess. ;)

However, it's really not a tragedy. I was only in Galway for another week and a half at that point, and had a pretty full schedule to boot. But, despite the missed connection, this was one of my favorite afternoons in Galway. Away from the group, being totally and completely me, talking music and lightly flirting with a decent looking chap who was also talking music and lightly flirting. It was a great moment in time.

Thanks, Andrew. :)

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