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Friday, September 17, 2010

Taking It Down A Notch For America

It's been an incredibly trying, long week. I've been struggling to put thoughts together about the things that are going on in my world. Today, at work, while creating forms and notices, I was keeping an eye on my news reader, and Travelocity. As fun as Twitter and Facebook are, not all of you follow me on those places. So, some of the things I tweeted today...

Sacha Baron Cohen to play Freddie Mercury
. The more I think about this, and his ability to completely become whatever character he assumes, the more I love it. Plus, he's physically perfect.

Lennon/Yoko "outtake" up for auction. Oh to be independently wealthy...

Don Mattingly to replace Torre. Shouldn't this be in pinstripes, though? Long live Mattingly (those of you who were reading in 2007 know the joke behind that phrase).

And finally, the Rally to Restore Sanity. My friend has booked the hotel room; we're leaving Newton right after work on the 29th, with a quick overnight in Delaware. Then, onto the rational discussion about the nation's problems. No hysteria, costumes, poorly spelled signs. I am so excited for this. :)

I cannot talk about work, as it depresses me. So, take a look where my brain took me to keep me from falling down this week.

And thank you, Sean, for talking me off the ledges. Glad you're back. Hoisting a cross-continental beer in your direction.

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