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Monday, October 18, 2010

If I Could, I'd Be Your Star Again...

Oh dear God, I am undone...

I love this band. They hit this emotional chord in me that often sends me reeling. They are delicate, and haunting, and angst ridden, and angry sometimes, and poignant, they just undo me. Every time. I've listened to this song three times since seeing it on Heather's blog, which I have adored for years, and I'm nearly in tears now.

give my jewels to the army, my silverware and jeans
give my love to your family; tell them anything.
give yourself to anyone; give yourself away
don’t be a nightingale for anyone’s space to fill.

if i could, i’d be your star again
fall across your falling sky…

it takes a lot of little rain to make you feel like nothing.
anything, anything you can do, do to me for everything i did for you
i didn’t try to take your love away
i just never knew i had it…

there is nothing you can say to ever make me want you
there is nothing you can say to ever make me leave you

american mary…

It doesn't matter he's singing to a girl in this one; I could sing this song. Oh, could I sing this song...but first I need to cry a little about this song.

Thank you for existing in this world. As sad as you are, you make it beautiful, and worth living.

American Mary - The National

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