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Sunday, November 07, 2010

My Sister Cat's iPod: A Two-Fer...

Because I simply just forgot yesterday. Take a red wine hangover, combine it with a baby shower an hour away, some baking, and then trivia night at the Elks, which was a fundraiser for my nephews' elementary school, and yesterday just flew by. So, I took advantage of the extra hour of sleep this morning, and I finally feel refreshed after weeks of running around like a lunatic. Which is not to say this week won't be exactly like the rest of them, but at least by the end of today, I'll feel physically ready to take it on (mentally, well, there's a different story).

Today, then, you all get two songs as my pennance. My sister Cat's iPod is a treasure trove of soft rock goodness. For years we have maintained that her iPod has actually been hijacked by a 45 year old human resources manager named Carol, who likes cat sweatshirts and doilies. She has a boyfriend, Mitch, who won't marry her because he's divorced and his first wife is a little crazy. They take foliage trips "up New Hampshire", and she goes to the outlet mall for everything. We've created an entire life for the mythical woman who programs Cat's iPod; it's a little odd. However, it gives both my sisters and I the perfect outlet in which to channel those guilty little soft rock pleasures from the 70s that we can't get out of our heads. Ever.

So today's selections are two from "Carol's " iPod. It's Sunday morning; they're appropriate.

I Love You - Climax Blues Band (oh, the cheese in this video...oh, it's glorious)

So Far Away - Carole King (who doesn't love Tapestry, though??)

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