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Sunday, January 09, 2011

And BANG! That's When I Remember My Dream

Repost from a year ago, I think, but this song is on my mind today...

Last night, this entire song played in a dream I had about you. I remember when she played this live the night we saw her, and I was so overjoyed to hear her sing this one, particularly for that last verse, and for standing there with you. The live version you captured from that radio stream was the one playing in my dream, not this one, but still, I dreamed about a moment of real joy I experienced with you, so early on, and seemingly now, so fleeting, and I woke up with that and sadness wrestling in my heart.

"But in the garden of simple
where all of us are nameless
you were never anything but beautiful to me...

...and what i meant to say is xxoo which means i'm thinking of ya
which means i've been thinking of you
all along..."

I guess this song is still what I wish for, when it comes to wishing about anything regarding you.

Garden of Simple - Ani DiFranco

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