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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Your Love Is The Place Where I Come From

One of the great honors of my life thus far was officiating my sister Colleen's wedding. Another responsibility I was handed for that occasion was to create the playlists for dinner and for dancing after dinner. They had the reception at a local restaurant, owned by friends of my mother, and a DJ was not practical for the space. However, my 8000+ iTunes library provided ample material for hours of listening and grooving. Seriously.

I saved both playlists for a few reasons. The dancing playlist is a masterpiece; 6 hours of ass-shaking goodness, with something for every age level there. The dinner playlist was much more personal. Not only did it incorporate love songs inspired by the bride and groom, but I paid tribute to several friends with different song choices, and channeled the feel of the playlist that ran during dinner at Brian's wedding. Some songs from that event are there. Liz's wedding song is there. Songs that remind me of old loves, current wishful thinkings, and the song that will eventually be my wedding song, should I ever take that plunge again, are sprinkled among the tunes. I wanted it to be a celebration of love, and not just sappy romantic love.

Sometimes, love challenges you. Sometimes, love is a pain in the ass. Sometimes, love will break you. And always, love will change you forever. And for two people, coming back to their hometown and finding each other again, and beginning to build a new home in an old place, this song seemed to say it all.

"My cares slip away when I see your face,
I lose my confusion,
Your love is the place where I come from..."

Your Love Is The Place Where I Come From - Teenage Fanclub

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Blogger Liz said...

Good song!

The song I danced to, or the dead junkie one we consider our song? :-)

5:23 PM  
Blogger courtney said...

The song you danced to...

5:27 PM  

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