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Thursday, February 10, 2011

She Clicks Her Heels, Feet Will Never Leave The Ground

This week is finally drawing to a close, and it's been hellish in places, simply hellish. Work stress going to eleven, drama on Tuesday that shook me hard, and still has me shaky. But, I've been breathing my way through it all week, and tonight, I took a really neat yoga class with J tonight, Partner Yoga. Lots of stretching, supported balances, interesting lifts, twists, and binds (we actually did the bind quite well). I'm stronger than I think, and it was a really fun way to unwind. A joint practice led by the teacher who got both of us started on our practices. It was wonderful. I may be a little tweaky tomorrow, but it totally reset my mood.

So, a soaring, wonderful Bob song to commemorate the evening. We just keep going round and round. But it's ok.

Soundonsound - Bob Mould

MP3 File

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