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Sunday, March 13, 2011

All In Front Of Us

So, part two of the great iTunes sharing happened yesterday, with C plugging his external hard drive into my computer (and that honestly is NOT a metaphor for anything else) and letting me loose. In the conversations we had about some of my choices, we discovered we have the same favorite Aerosmith song. Well, we share this one. He has another of which the title escapes me. But, we share this one.

This is big, and getting bigger. He came to the school play with me last night. I had to be the administrator on duty, and was playing a tiny little between scenes cameo, so I invited him. He was happy to be there, and had a tremendous time. Able to entertain himself while I was off being "official", which is more important to me than you know. Well, some of you know. You're the ones I can hear clapping from all the way over here ;)

Seasons of Wither - Aerosmith

MP3 File

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Blogger Janet said...

My favorite Aerosmith song, and I'm happy for you :-)

2:51 PM  

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