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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Those Summer Nights Are Calling

(Technically, this song is for Friday, March 18, but, I was occupied very far away from my computer last night).

Two-fer today. First song is C's choice. At some point in our long and winding evening together, he admitted this Journey song had been stuck in his head all day, so I immediately declared it the song of the day.

Those crazy nights, indeed. Who needs youth? ;)

Stone in Love - Journey

MP3 File

Today's actual song is my choice, but it also fits the same narrative. As we wandered through Beacon Hill in the moonlight, and had pizza and wine at Figs, and returned here to let the rest of the night play out, the chorus to this song was running through my head. I will have to ask Liz if they played this the night we saw them; I know they played "The Flame", but I refuse ;)

It's cheesy 80's ballads fantastic over here right now. Don't you love it??

Tonight, It's You - Cheap Trick

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Anonymous C said...

In the heat with a blue jean girl,
burning love is once in a lifetime.

Great stuff...

1:23 PM  

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