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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

1000 Texts

Two-fer today, as I was too busy texting to write last night :)

First song is Christopher's pick; I asked him to think of a song for the soundtrack. After many afternoons and evenings on my couch, learning about one another, he found this song to be a good match.

This - Lisa Loeb (click the title)

As for me, sticking with the chick singers, Ani has come to mind frequently these days. She, and the Beatles. For many years, Ani's albums have aligned with what's been going on in my life, too. Her last one, not so much, but I gave it a quick run-through this afternoon, specifically to find this song. She wrote it for Mike, the father of her baby, now her husband, and I always loved it, because she sings of two imperfect people making their way together along with, sometimes in spite of, their imperfections and idiosyncracies, and finding love. So, suddenly, Ani fits again. It's all good, and all in front of us.

Way Tight - Ani DiFranco

MP3 File

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