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Friday, April 08, 2011

Aww, Boston, You're My Home

Ok, so, the beginning of this season has been an epic shit show. But, it is baseball season, and baseball season is part of the soundtrack to my life as well. Whether it's on tv in the background while I do other things, or I'm watching a game in a bar, or, the rare occasion (less rare this year, thank you love) I'm in the Cathedral of Boston ;), baseball is part of the fabric around here, and I'm thrilled. Because now it's REALLY spring. Now summer is just around the corner. Days are longer, twilights linger, the beautiful sound of a bat hitting a ball in the distance makes me warm inside.

So, Sox, seriously, win one already because the Nation is about to commit hari-kari on Yawkey Way. But, I'm still psyched you're back.

Dirty Water - The Standells

PS: This? Brilliant. H/T to Christopher.

MP3 File

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