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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You're dirty and sweet, clad in black, don't look back

When I started this project, I had every intention of telling lots of stories, and then, well, life happened. This has been one of the busiest years of my life, and since 2011 has begun, one of the most joyful. I am happy, and my life is full, and I find myself not finding the time to sit and play on the internet these days. As Sean put it, he misses seeing me around online, but he's glad I'm happy.

So am I.

Which is not to say there won't be stories; I just need to make some time to write them.

Today's song, however, is one more to channel positive energy for the Bruins. Clad in black, DON'T LOOK BACK!!! And I love you. Dirty, sweet, and you're my boys. Get it on!!! Kill those motherf***ing Habs!

Bang a Gong(Get It On) - T.Rex

MP3 File

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Blogger Janet said...

T.Rex ... the first concert I ever saw...LOVED Marc Bolan!

8:47 PM  

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