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Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Remember The 35 Sweet Goodbyes...

Well, I did go back to my old school today, and it was lovely. Norwood is building a brand new high school, which will be complete and open for the 2011-2012 school year. So the town got together and came up with "The Last Hurrah", a day-long celebration of the school on the hill. There are memorabilia displays, and booster groups selling gear, and people coming from everywhere to say goodbye. Tonight, there will be a ticketed 21+, multi-year reunion in the gym, with DJs and Bud Light. I find that amazingly funny; the champagne of Norwood finally LEGALLY allowed in NHS, as opposed to being snuck in via backpack like the days of old.

And this new found embracing of my inner townie has been a long time coming for me. When I graduated in 1989, I never believed I would feel nostalgic for those days, or that building. But time has a funny and amazing way of erasing some of the pain, at least its sharp edges, so that we can take a deep breath, and smile, and hug the people we never would have 20-odd years ago. Plus, being an elected town official has certainly thrust some mandatory rah-rah-Norwood into my life, but I'm at a point in my life where I can embrace this all, rather than reject and scorn.

Christopher is coming with me tonight, and I'm excited for him to see the school, and meet some people, and he's excited to share Norwood with me, to learn where I came from and what made me. It really is a celebration today. So, for all you Norwood High School alum, near and far, give us a cheer for Norwood High.

My Old School - Steely Dan

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