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Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Reason I Keep Doing This...

I've lost the source of this quote. It's not mine, but it could have been...

We all can create a soundtrack to our lives, right? You can pull music files from your mind that put you right back to that time, at least I can. It’s just so cool when I find myself falling deep into a tune that might not have any impact on me otherwise. There’s so many tunes that do this to me. They make me insane, save my sanity, make me laugh, help me cope, bring me down, chill me out, make me wanna feel, make me wanna try, make me wanna blow the stars from the sky and just keeps going on. Music is the most influential thing we’ll ever have. I always have it with me, you never know when a song is gonna become part of the soundtrack.

First Night - Hold Steady

MP3 File

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