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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

All I Want Is a Remedy

Repost, as I'm super busy, and even more annoyed. But summer is not the same without an Andrew story... :)

So many vivid summer memories of mine involve Andrew. This song wasn't really our song, but it was related to the last time I can remember him trying to protect me from something.

It was the summer this album came out, 1992. and I had been out at the Audobon Reservation with him and his friend Jim. I didn't know about the heroin use then, but that's how Andrew and Jim were friends. And, I was crushing on Jim bad; he looked like he should BE in the Black Crowes. And Andrew, knowing I didn't know about his darkness, just kept getting in the way. For all the drugs he did in his life, he wasn't ever going to be the one to introduce them into mine.

At any rate, we were having a gorgeous afternoon, and the three of us probably listened to this song, in the car's CASSETTE PLAYER, four or five times that day. So, I always think of that rock ledge, and the woods, and two fantastically trippy dudes dancing under the trees.

Remedy - The Black Crowes

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