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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Close My Eyes and Think of You

Reblog, as I have little to say today. Overdid it walking on my foot, missing Christopher, getting bored with my couch. So, here's a snapshot, and a song from the mix, too.

This morning, I had such a memory surge. I was in my office, preparing some material to do educational testing (last mention of my "real job"), and I had to cue up a cassette tape. I stuck my pinky finger in the hole to advance the tape, and suddenly, every instance of making a mix tape came flooding back to me in a rush. Because, if you remember, to get the maximum amount of audio onto those 45 minute sides, you needed to advance the tape forward, so that half of the recording tape showed, and not just the blank leader film. Do you remember? Or is it that you were possibly not as anal as I was about squeezing every second out of it?

Here's a song from one of the classic mix tapes of my life.

Star Power - Sonic Youth

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