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Friday, July 01, 2011

Postcards We're Mailing Of Sky-blue Skies and Oceans

A year ago, I was adjusting to life in Galway. Trying to negotiate having a roommate, sleeping in a different bed, being away from everything familiar, making a completely new set of friends, even if for only "a short time". I was reeling, I'll be honest. I have always adjusted to big environmental changes slowly, and emotionally. But beneath the initial discomfort, I knew I was embarking on something that would change my life. Again, stretching myself in a new way. By the end of it all, I found it glorious, and wished I didn't have to leave the gorgeous, wild, Irish West.

Self portrait, windblown

When I returned, I knew that I had been on a great adventure. I came back renewed, as I took it as a chance to start over, not filter who I was or what I believed, or what I could do. I made friends and connections and rediscovered myself. Although the country was not all that unfamiliar or even different than my own, being there felt like that famous first step on a thousand mile journey. I knew Ireland would show me amazing things, but I had no idea how much of my SELF it would show me.

Every day since I've returned, I've longed to go back again. There's so much more I want to explore, sights I didn't see, pints I didn't drink, music I didn't hear, despite having heard so much, and seen so much, and yes, drunk so much. But mostly, I want to go back and put my feet on the soil of the country that, as part of my ancestral past, gave me the strength to keep moving on my future. Reconnect with that wild spirit that awoke mine.

This song is from the very first album I listened to after we landed, as we drove from Shannon to Galway, deliriously tired, but forcing ourselves to stay awake, because even the highways were new, and we didn't want to miss a thing.

Thousands Are Sailing - The Pogues

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