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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Some Clubs Should Be Closed

Ok, today, I'll talk a bit about Amy Winehouse. Yesterday I had happier things to sing about.

Tragic, but not a surprise, but still tragic. She had an amazing voice, and she channeled this incredible time in American music history and made it fresh for new audiences. Not that soul music ever really needed freshening, but sometimes it takes a different lens to see something for what it was worth. And I loved that first album, and the cadre of little Brit girls who grew up listening to Dusty belt them out that it spawned. But Amy was always a train wreck, and the world can't help but watch a train wreck.

Plus, the 27 Club really didn't need another member. Sad that music has lost another great talent.

Cupid - Amy Winehouse (Sam Cooke cover)

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