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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

You, Who Are On The Road, Must Have A Code That You Can Live By

The past few days have brought some things that have caused me to have arguments and snarky comments on Facebook. Because, really, that's what Facebook is for, arguments and snarky comments. I'm not commenting any further on Casey Anthony, because that outcry rings false, and besides, where is the outrage for all the other children who are victimized by those who are supposed to love them? Enough.

Today, what a distracting day. First, we have a piece of beauty about the nature of families, and how, if we're lucky, we get to make our own happiness. My bias should be apparent, but my sister is a tremendous writer, and to whoever needed to "clarify" her family to other people: BITE ME. Your unhappiness and insecurity need not bleed into her life.

Next, our lawmakers need to get their heads out of their assess. Building on the theme of love, marriage is love, as I've proclaimed, and fought for, for years. Tell your Congressmen abandon these silly pursuits and get down to the business that affects us all. Like the economy. Health care. National debt. Same-sex marriage will not destroy us, I promise.

Love often begets passion, and I am passionate about education, and special education, and about children achieving. Here is a terrific editorial, shared by one of my graduate school colleagues, that should cause us all to pause. I quote:
If your school teaches to the test, it’s not the test’s fault. It’s the leaders of your school.
This I believe. 100%.

Lastly, all that passion I've been ranting about caused me to rant, irrationally, about this piece. Which I didn't realize was fake until after I'd hit "send" to Christopher. He is allowed to laugh at my silliness and unwarranted outrage about Macca's publishing rights. ;)

I am nothing if not passionate. I make no apologies for it, either.

Teach Your Children - Crosby, Stills, and Nash

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