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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Coming Down Is The Hardest Thing

Christopher is trying to slowly wind us down from vacation, so today we went to Fenway for the annual Futures at Fenway minor league double header. He also decided that we were not getting in a car today, so we had a little adventure and took the bus and the subway to Fenway. Interesting experience, not relying on a car to get to the city, and I can't say it was horrible. The only unfortunate part about the ride was that the bus home was standing room only. The driver actually refused entry to a mother with a baby carriage and a young child at one point. There was truly no where for them to go, though.

The baseball was good; minor league ball can be such fun to watch. However, the swarming children at the dugout in between EVERY SINGLE INNING was becoming a bit much, especially as there were no parents in sight, they kept stepping on both of us, blocking our view of the game, and being general nuisances to the players, particularly the Pawtucket Red Sox. No matter. It was still a great day at the park. Field box seats, leaning on the dugout, is a great way to spend a Saturday.

We've heard this song twice in the last two days, on our wind-down from holiday. Seemed as fitting as anything else.

Learning To Fly - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

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