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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Here Comes The Rain

Rain on the first full day of vacation isn't necessarily a great thing; however, we've weathered it (pun intended) fairly well. Leisurely breakfast, quick errand to get some household items we didn't think to pack (a pop up laundry hamper that will fold flat being one of them), a seafood lunch (The Original Seafood Restaurant in Dennisport--yum), and an afternoon of movies and card games. Nana brought her famous sauce and meatballs, and we'll likely do more movies and cards after dinner. If it stops raining, perhaps a walk to the beach.

The Cult brings back the spring and summer of ninth grade for me, in grand fashion. Trip to Canada, this blaring in my headphones on the bus ride. Then, that summer, down here at the Cape, listening to this on the portable boom box with my friend Amy and two boys we met. Amy was interested in making out; I was less interested in making out and more interested in talking about this album. Story of my life in miniature, it seems. We met them on the beach, and spent that whole Memorial Day weekend trying to meet up with them, and hold their attention. I remember a Benetton rugby shirt and jean shorts (mine), and a tentative attempt at kissing, but, he wasn't that cute, and the music was better. Another summer down here with Amy yielded the same results, except stretched over a two week period. However, what I didn't do in kissing, I made up for in a genuine friendship and a few years worth of letters. I think I got the better deal.

Story about Mom and her flashbacks being down here tomorrow. Good blog fodder, as soon as I find the right song :)

Rain - The Cult

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