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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Jesse's Gonna Crash Into The Harbor This Summer

Well, Hurricane Irene, at any rate. I was out running errands today, fairly standard, non-hurricane panic errands, and I kept crashing into people in full-on weather panic.

Friends in MA, we've done this before. It's going to be rainy, and really windy, and humid. The storms we had in June that produced the tornadoes produced more damage than this storm will, at least inland. People on the ocean, sure, make your preparations. Storm surges are nothing to fuck around with. But for the rest of us who can't see the ocean from our houses, not even remotely, calm down. This, too, will pass.

Going to spend the evening with my honey, a MILE FROM THE BEACH. Right. Do I seem worried? Neither is he :)

Hurricane J - The Hold Steady

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