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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

What? You Think You Invented This??

My sister wrote a pretty excellent column today about how she "used to be cool". She still is cool, most definitely, but the trappings of cool are slipping away from her, as they do all of us. I may have given her the primer, but she took it to her own levels.

One great line from this article is her thought to the gas station attendant shaking his head at her Pogues song, "I know it's cool, you little puke!" I have that reaction almost daily when school is in session. The middle schoolers with their different colored high top Converse, or multiple bracelets, or black tights under shorts, the rare Doc Maarten. I look at them, and sigh, and think, "what? you think you invented this??" So, I know how she's feeling when she writes these words.

The Cure was the "edgy band" that the kids I looked up to in high school listened to, one of whom commented on Colleen's facebook today, responding to her article.

Colleen's cool. Despite the minivan and the mustang sticker.

A Night Like This - The Cure

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