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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Never A Cloudy Day

Between Christopher's unrepentant metal genes, and my deep alternative rock roots, the fact that "our song" is this one never ceases to amaze me.  But, it is.

We saw Earth Wind and Fire in May; I learned that Christopher bought those tickets and booked the room two days after we met.  He just knew.  I may not have been quite as sure early on, but I caught up quickly. That night was glorious.  We dressed up, ate an amazing meal, and danced and danced and sang.  He and I had already established the pursuit of joy as our theme, and this night was no exception.

This song has taken on a life of its own in our personal language.  The line from the chorus, "never a cloudy day" has become our centering phrase, our goal, that moment we come back to time and time again.  When things are going well, it confirms that joy.  When we are struggling through an awkward moment, or tension, or tears, at the end of it, one of us (usually him) takes a deep breath, and speaks that out loud, as if to show us the path back to center.  It is at once mantra, hope, reassurance, and a bold statement of love.  Never a cloudy day.

If we're out in public and this song starts playing, I stop whatever we're doing and point it out to him.  "Never a cloudy day, baby," he smiles, and then we instantly return to what we're doing.  This song, that phrase, is that moment we come back to when things get hard, and that statement of intent that keeps us going.  And some days will be cloudy, downright stormy with near zero visibility.  But, by keeping those words in our heads and our hearts it reminds us that this journey we're on has only just begun. So many days of happiness, sadness, fear, and risk, and ordinary moments, all rolled into four simple words that bind it all together.  Just like us.  It's all in front of us.

Never a cloudy day, baby. 

September - Earth Wind and Fire

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