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Monday, December 27, 2010

A Bag of Songs And A Heavy Heart

(A repost, but a worthy one. This song still gives me chills. Just felt like listening to it tonight.)

It's incredible. Not listening to much commercial radio these days, I have no idea if this woman is making a name for herself here in the States, but apparently, she's huge in the UK. I can see why. She's got that unbelievable golden era of female R&B singers; I'm sure she listened to more than her share of Dusty Springfield, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, Ronettes, and Supremes (or, at least her producer did). She's got the sound down solid, with some modern flair, and it's a "purer" feel to it than Amy Winehouse, who married the sound to booze and drugs and sex. Duffy keeps it true to the genre. Love and betrayal and longing.

I'm totally digging on this album. I even changed my ringtone on my phone to another song from this--Mercy. Which makes me conjure up images of go-go dancers in white patent leather boots and psychedelic patterned dresses on a platform above a hundred grooving kids. I wonder if I can pull off the flipped hair and the pale lipstick?

"I'll move to Rockferry tomorrow,
and I'll build my house, baby, with sorrow,
I'll leave my shadow to fall behind,
And I wouldn't write to you, 'cuz I'm not that kind..."

That last line always makes me wonder about what she means by "kind": that kind of girl, or just kind in general? Either way, it's a killer close.

Rockferry - Duffy

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