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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Musical Irony

I don't actually feel "fine"; I've got a cold. Nothing major, and I actually felt worse yesterday. But, since my calendar had a non-negotiable or two on it yesterday, I soldiered through, and took my sick day of rest today. As much a mental health as physical health day, but the sneezing and coughing is legitimate enough.

Christopher and I are heading to Boothbay Harbor for the weekend tomorrow afternoon. I'm really looking forward to re-exploring that area again, potentially seeing Kristian and Rob, and having lots of unscheduled time in front of us. We both tend to burn the candle at both ends, and this winter and spring season have been particularly action-packed for me. Now that things are winding down, it's no wonder I'm sick. Definitely looking forward to some quiet. I'll likely front load songs for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Let's hope the weather cooperates, too.

I Feel Fine - The Beatles

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